Bangalore Comedy Club presents Fiat For Laughs

March 5th | 8.30pm | Fiat Caffe-Car-O-Bar, Domlur.


This Saturday, get ready for some fresh comedy!
Hosting the Luru’s fastest growing comics, its sure to be a night of super comedy! The girls Sumukhi (YouTube, The Improv, NDTV) and Punya (YouTube, Bangalore Comedy Club, NDTV) are bringing their A game and the boys Naveen (YouTube, Comedy Central) and Kjeld (Bangalore Comedy Club) are ready to laugh you off!
It’s going to be a great night of comedy. See you there!

When: Sat March 5th, 8.30pm
Where: Domlur, 92/93, Amar Jyoti Layout, Intermediate Ring Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071
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Actor, screenwriter and comedian Naveen Richard has been active in the theatre circuit for the last 3 years. He was a finalist in the first edition of Comedy Central’s ‘Indian Comedy Festival’ in 2012. Although having performed over a 100 shows all over Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Delhi and Singapore, when his more conservative relatives, who ambush him at family functions, ask him what he does for a living, he impresses them by flashing his law degree (which he carries around at all times for just such an occasion). He encapsulates his own idiosyncrasies and of the people around him through his comedy, a glimpse of which can be seen in his comedy sketches on his YouTube channel ”themboxershorts”. Also as a core artist of Evam Entertainment troupe, he has toured the country playing the role of Hari in the adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.
Punya Arora, is a South-Indian-Punjabi, a Photographer and a self proclaimed Biriyani connoisseur. Her style of comedy reflects on everyday life, encasing some amazingly funny moments and situationsand a couple of accents. Filled with funnies, she loves happiness and making people laugh.
The self-proclaimed Queen Latifah of India, Sumukhi Suresh is an Indian business development manager, theatre actress, comedian and improvisational actress. She is also a trained Kathak dancer.
Kjeld Sreshth is a small town kid who found his calling for comedy after being dropped on the floor as a baby. His humor is quirky and fresh. In a short time on the circuit he has managed to pull many shows and turn many more heads.


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