On April Foold’s Day, Improv Comedy Bangalore is excited to bring you an evening of a bag full of improv tricks with ” Fool Proof Improv ” that will make you foolishly laugh away.

So come and spend this evening with us where we enact scenes based entirely from your suggestions, on the spot.

Date : 1st April 2016
Time : 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Venue : Rangasthala, MG road Boulevard.
Tickets: Rs. 300/- Book Now

Fool Proof Improv Cast :

Abhishek Desai – School leader, rank student, overall geek. Abhishek, after having graduated as a mechanical engineer from Ramiah went in search of the ‘True meaning of life’. Instead he found improvisation. Despite his occasional flirting with the food industry, Abhishek and Improv have now been going strong for a year.

Rohit Nair – Being born in a South Indian middle class family which was extremely focused on education, Rohit ended up choosing Computer Engineering as a profession. Only then, to find his true passion hidden in stories! Rohit likes to play with the humor hidden in the truth, the truth of our everyday lives. Improvisation as an art, for him, allows combining story-telling with such humor. It gives him a great sense of purpose he says- Making people laugh, challenging inherent notions that are deep rooted within them and need to be seen with a different perspective. He has been improvising for over 2 years.

Nasir Engineer – Hailing from the metropolis of Mumbai, Nasir brings with him 5 years of improv experience to Bangalore. He is someone who will judge a book by its film. Besides improv, Nasir is most fondly remembered as the ?guy who runs.?

Madhu Shukla – Madhu is a theatre based facilitator and a storyteller based out of Bangalore.  After her post-graduation in acting from Ninasam , Shimoga and The National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006 she has extensively explored how theatre can deepen self-awareness and further personal growth. She has been using applied theatre methods, to build collaborative thinking and delivering leadership skills development workshops in corporations and communities. As a storyteller, her hope is to awaken compassion and wisdom, through a joyful suspension of imagination and deep heartful listening, though her initiative By the River.

Benson Chacko – A singer-songwriter, composer and producer, Benson has been breathing music for over 20 years. Music to Benson is like the movies….When he plays music, he tends to fall into many characters. Being a multi instrumentalist…. Benson can play the guitar, the drum, the piano while singing too! Having a penchant for living life on the edge, Improv Benson says, allows him to do just that with music! As it is both challenging and involves snap thinking!


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