Watch Evam Karthik Kumar perform PokeMe.

#PokeMe is a Stand-Up solo show which is Pro-Maggi/CurdRice/LGBT/Feminism. Anti-establishment. Sexy but not sexist. Perplexed about women in nighties. Contains no lead, but a heavy dose of ajinomoto. And South Indian with a capital H. (pronounced ‘ecchhu’)
Just remember: You are not alone. But he is!

Evam Stand-Up Tamasha is South India’s leading stand-up comedy ensemble, with 7 repertory artists and over 350 shows to its credit. #PokeMe, the debut solo show of Karthik Kumar, has had sold out shows in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Karthik Kumar is a prolific film, television and theater actor, the man behind Evam Productions and all-round nice guy. Besides movies like Saathiya and Yuva, Karthik has starred in several Tamil movies including the recent Pasanga 2. Did we also mention that he is one of the most explosive stand-up acts in the country and routinely destroys at gigs far beyond Indian shores.


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