I Smiled – A Comedy Special by Kjeld Sreshth

Sat, 9th April | 6pm Onwards | Atta Galatta, Koramangala, Bangalore


Kjeld sreshth (pronounced kelt sray-sssht!) is an idiot who grew up watching way too many movies as a kid and as a result, he is now convinced he has dreams in life! After finding out about the comedy scene in the city, he quit his corporate job and began to pursue a career in comedy, a mistake he hopes, one day, will make a great story to tell! And after nearly two years, “I smiled!” is a compilation of an hour’s worth of material that he thinks is presentable to a crowd. Also, he’s the one writing this description and he wants you to know that it’s really weird to talk about oneself in the third person.

Come down to Atta Galatta on the 9th of April and watch Kjeld try his best to convince people to join the religion he just started. Fellow comedian and friend, Suhas navrathna, will be hosting the evening.

Suhas Navarathna possesses a deranged view of life and is a student of Engineering to boot. He identifies himself as a Dysfunctional Hindu, a realist and an alcoholic. His style of Stand-Up Comedy is based on significant religious observations, his failed relationships and his mother.

When: Saturday, 9th April, 6pm onwards.

Where: Atta Galata, 134 KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095, India

Tickets: Rs. 300/- Buy Now!



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