Hyderabad vs. Bangalore A Comedy Fool-Off

Friday, 1st April | 8pm Onwards | Altitude Lounge, Hyderabad


April Fool’s day, for ages now, has been celebrated as that one day of the year where everyone has a good laugh by pranking each other.

This year though, we bring to you a ‘ Hyderabad vs. Bangalore A Comedy Fool-Off ‘ between the Hyderabad and Bangalore comedians who will battle it out to make you laugh as hard as possible. And at the end of it, the winners get an award – the losers don’t – but the audience gets loads and loads of laughter.

From Hyderabad:
Saikiran, Bhavneet Singh and Shadab Aziz!

From Bangalore:
Suman Kumar, Shunky Chugani and Kjeld Sreshth

Hosted by: Arun Govada

When: Friday, 1st April, 8pm Onwards.

Where: Altitude, Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention, Tank Bund Road, Opposite Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080, India

Tickets: Rs. 350/- Per Person, Rs. 499/- Per Couple and Rs. 699/- Per Trio and are available on BookMyShow! Come out and support your #ooru!

Hyderabad Vs. Bangalore A Comedy Fool-Off Comics’ Info


Arun Govada is a Hyderabad-based Musician and Comedian, in no particular order. He was born in the USA, but moved to Hong Kong with his family at the age of 3, where he grew up. He’s opened for the hilarious Tom Rhodes and has competed in competitions from Hong Kong to USA. Most recently, Arun performed as a guest artist on Taiwan Super Idol singing in Mandarin, and released an original single on iTunes called, ”Super Star Wish”. Arun will be competing in the first Bangkok Comedy Competition in December 2015.

Team Hyderabad

Sai Kiran is Tall, Dark and Err… Hilarious. If failures are truly the foundation of success then Saikiran has enough foundation to balance the Charminar on his bare hands. But, his father thinks he was specially created by god as a tale of caution to all Indian parents who pray too hard for a male child. After well received performances all over Hyderabad he is now foraying into other cities like Secunderabad.
Bhavneet is a newbie, stand-up comedian who made a move to comedy from journalism. Not really a distant leap. A little over weight, people end up laughing at him more than his jokes.
Shadab Aziz is a a software engineer working in a construction company in the sales department taking care of accounts! When life treated him in this amazingly weird way, he decided to share his experience and become a stand-up comic! Known as one of the most perverted comics in Hyderabad, his comedy is very casual which deals with a variety of concepts such as the sorry life of a husband, troubles with kids, the insight of a man’s head, a ghosts feeling, to the feeling of an autowala.

Team Bangalore (Bengaluru)
Suman Kumar is a newcomer to the comedy scene who has been performing across South India. Based in Bengaluru, he is a stay-at-home dad and established author who brings a fresh perspective to comedy wars.

Shunky R Chugani works with the Jagriti Theatre group. He will be seen performing at Barking Mad 3 alongside Praveen Kumar, Ahmed Shariff, Siddharth Banerjee, Sumukhi Suresh and Saveen Hegde.

Kjeld Sreshth is a small town kid who found his calling for comedy after being dropped on the floor as a baby. His humor is quirky and fresh. In a short time on the circuit he has managed to pull many shows and turn many more heads.



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