Dame Funny

After kitty parties and unmanned train compartments, Chalta Hai Comedy brings you Dame Funny, an hour of stand-up comedy completely free of testosterone…well almost.
Yes, you heard it right. Women-who are funny-intentionally.
Admittedly, they do not know many women. But they do know all the funny ones and they are bringing all of them together for one power-puff evening at The Barking Deer Brewpub.
Dame Funny had a sold-out debut in January and comes back more sassy and ready to kick more ass.
The ticket gets you 10% off on your total bill. And, the nice folks at The Barking Deer will be giving all the lovely ladies in the audience a goblet of Honey Bee Braggot, free! It is Belgian Wit infused with Under The Mango Trees specialty honey Tribal Gold, a hearty, robust honey with loads of flavour and significant flora including mango, cashew, mahua and palash.
To top this, 10% of sales goes directly to UTMT society in Gujarat promoting community-based beekeeping.
What is your excuse now?
The show will be hosted at the Jameson Loft at The Barking Deer Brewpub. The Barking Deer is Mumbai’s first microbrewery and is known for hosting the grooviest events. Come witness comedy in the making and try the house brews.

When: Saturday, April 2nd 6.30pm Onwards

Where: The Barking Deer, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013, India

Tickets: Rs. 200-600/- Buy Now!

Dame Funny Comics’ Info

Part-time stock-broker, full-time Gujju and weekend comedienne, Sonali Thakker is the biggest threat to the dumb blonde theory. Covering socially relevant topics such as travelling, shopping and chaprigiri, Sonali’s stand-up is powerful, always funny and sometimes scary. And it has taken her to the biggest of stages including Canvas Laugh Club and NCPA.
The other big love of her life is travelling as it gives her great material and is the only way she can escape from people cracking Gujju jokes. Surprisingly, stand-up has not increased her popularity on Shaadi.com but that is okay coz Sonali has been kicking ass even before womens empowerment was a thing.

Pavitra Shetty or ‘Pavvy’ as she prefers to be called for reasons of social acceptance is an engineer, infrequent gym-goer and hamburger enthusiast, all redeeming qualities for the average lukha, she just happens to be a girl.
In her sporadic affairs with stand-up comedy, Pavitra has floored audiences with her funny stories and crisp delivery. She has also won the Comedy Store Open Mic last year against 20 guys who badly need to get a job…or a life.
Her stand-up covers football, sibling rivalries and not being a size zero, all issues of national importance. Her signature finishing move is the Bear hug and her favorite quote is ‘Whatevah!’
Sucharita is a prime-time Radio Jockey, an emcee, an interviewer, a voice-over artist, a writer and an overall pretty neat person. She started working at the age of 17 in her small hometown of New Delhi, though has been living in Mumbai, doing all the aforementioned things, since 2010. She has interviewed and openly flirted with many Bollywood celebs (as her Instagram would prove) and is hopeful, one day, someone will actually flirt back. Her favorite thing in the world is watching bad films and educating YouTube trolls in gender equality.
Favorite quotes:
”I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love.” – Chandler Bing
”Aaj raat bas soney dey Ghalib, kal subah jaldi uthna hai.” – Rumi
Biriyani connoisseur, professional photographer and innate comedian Punya Arora is Punjabi by nature and South-Indian at heart. She chases butterflies by day and stand-up dreams after dark. Her style of comedy is observational, light-hearted and may involve more than one accent. In a little over a year, Punya has been featured on every major stand-up stage in Bangalore and her work has been covered by print, radio and Buzzfeed. She is in love with underwater shoots, travelling and life in general. A visiting faculty at Light and Life Academy, Ooty, Punya refuses wedding shoots on principle.


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