Best In Stand Up : Aditya Desai, Rohan Desai , Abhimanyu Khanna


What’s a Sunday evening without any funnies? No night at all! Let us help you make your weekend better with a belly-full of laughs with some of the funniest comedians in the country

Where: The Hive: Khar (W),
50-A, Huma Mansion, Next to Ahmed Bakery, Chuim Village Road, Khar (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India

When: 8.30pm, Sunday, 30th August 2015

Aditya Desai

Aditya is a CA student. He believes that in Comedy, 2 + 2 may not necessarily be 4, it can be 5, 1 or even zero! Incidentally, he also uses the same principle in his CA practice. His humor is generally observational with subjects ranging from political satire, relationships, cricket to being a Maharashtrian in a cosmopolitan Mumbai.

Rohan Desai

Rohan Desai is a college drop-out by choice who started learning animation. Eventually, he developed interests in designing and film-making as well. Now, he is trying his hands at stand-up comedy. He feels that all these are essentially just ways of telling a story and hopes to explore more ways to do the same in future.

Abhimanyu Khanna

Not related to Vinod Khanna (Saddest thing he has heard from peopleso far) Comedian, Radio Jockey at Radio Mirchi also an artist…(well, he only does abstract art like palm and leg impressions..on canvas because he’s a big fan of M F Hussain..only difference is he earned lakhs and Abhimanyu manages to get a blank stare from people). Has great cooking skills can make different varieties of Maggi (Took part in MasterChef, Andheri) Wow!! Now that’s some great talent which everyone doesn’t have. A permutation combination of two Delhites (Papa mummy dilli se hai yaar) but is a hardcore Mumbaite because of his love for vada pav (If that proves it). Loves to make people laugh, favorite pick up line ”Let me tell you a joke”. Also, friends and family think he’s a retard because sometimes (actually most of the times) he talks to himself with vivid expressions.

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