Radhika Vaz is Old. With a whole new show.

After successful, sold-out runs in New York and all across India, Radhika Vaz is ready with her second one-woman comedy show ‘Older. Angrier. Hairier.’

This time around the irreverent, hilariously funny comedian focuses her wit on the universal themes of children, ageing, and domestic duty. While tackling complicated issues isn’t new territory for Vaz, with OAH she has established herself as a socially relevant commentator unapologetically mocking conventional wisdom.

With an appeal that crosses both age and gender lines, Vaz leaves the audience helpless with laughter in a high-octane performance that shows us all how women are really very funny.

Where: Jagriti Theatre: Whitefield, Bengaluru
Ramagondanahalli, Varthur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, India.

When: 8pm. Wednesday, 30th Sept 2015.

Radhika Vaz

Radhika Vaz is an improvisational comedian and writer who lives and works in New York. She gave up a career in advertising to follow her true calling: making people laugh and think. She trained with members of the Groundlings School, Improvolution where she is a visiting faculty member, Upright Citizens Brigade and the Magnet Theatre. Her bi-weekly column (Read It And Weep) in the Times of Indias op-ed page reaches millions of readers and she recently signed a book deal with Aleph for a non-fiction book of short stories that will be published in April 2015. Her hobbies include power lifting and watching an embarrassing number of low-quality reality TV shows.
Older. Angrier. Hairier. is her one-woman show, which hilariously explores the humiliation of aging in a culture that worships youth, her decision not to have children and the stress that accompanied this choice, as well as her constant struggle to overcome her obsession with housework. The prissy, proper character of Ms Vaz refrains from using any vulgar language, but manages to get to the bottom of what women really, really want, using real life as her material. With successful, sold-out runs in New York, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai and Bangalore there’s no doubt that Radhika Vaz’s second show Older. Angrier. Hairier. will be a huge success as well.

Read more: http://in.bookmyshow.com/events/radhika-vazs-older-angrier-hairier/ET00032870#ixzz3jnprPSBJ


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