As part of the Women’s Day celebration, Buttercups organised “Buttercups Intimates presents Get Hooked” a fun comedy night at The Humming Tree. Bangalore’s funnyman and “The IT Guy” Sanjay Manaktala and photographer and standup comedian Punya Arora performed and had some really fun insights.

Sanjay Manaktala

Sanjay relocated back to India in 2010 and has been pushing the stand-up comedy scene like a good Indian family pushes their kid into engineering. Come for his foreign return policy and stay for his take on new age India.

Punya Arora

Punya  Arora, is a Punjabi by nature and South-Indian at heart, a professional Photographer and a self proclaimed Biriyani connoisseur. Her style of comedy reflects on everyday life, encasing some amazingly funny moments and situations and a couple of accents. Filled with funnies, she loves happiness and making people laugh.

Watch all the clips here.


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